¿Por qué meditar?

Why Buddhists meditate

When Calm-abiding meditation becomes part of your daily routine you will experience the benefits of meditation practice, such as spaciousness, calmness and more clarity of your own thoughts and emotions.

Meditation can also help us to uncover and develop the vast and profound qualities of mind. Through this inner realization we can achieve a state of happiness and contentment that cannot be obtained through external factors such as wealth, status or relationships.

The purpose of meditation is not to create a blank and dull state of mind.  When we practice with a good motivation and clear instruction the genuine qualities of calmness, compassion and clarity will arise.

These qualities help us to deal with the challenges of life and help be more mindful of how we can benefit others.

How can I learn the different types of meditation?

Instruction in calm abiding meditation, loving kindness and compassion meditation and the Four Thoughts contemplations are taught regularly in Dechen classes.

To learn more advanced types of meditation we need instruction from qualified Buddhist masters (lamas) who have been given the authority to teach those practices by their own teachers.